Dharma Yoga in Baltimore

I remember traveling to New York to the Dharma Yoga center in January 2015 for the New Years immersion. We had a whole crew from Baltimore and Dharma-ji kept helping each of us in the poses. I remember laughing at all of his jokes and writing down everything he said. However, the most important lessons he imparted me on my first weekend with Dharma were about compassion and being Vegan. I was already Vegetarian but the next day I became Vegan. Dharma-ji changed my life and I am eternally grateful. 

I have seen Dharma-ji’s focus on the Yoga Nidra practice lately because he intuitively knows it is what we all need, more healing and restoration. It is my favorite practice to do with him besides Psychic Development. I love his passion and enthusiasm for the Yoga Nidra practice. I was inspired to get trained in Yoga Nidra based on Dharma-ji’s passion for the practice. 

Dharma Yoga is a complete practice that is for everyone. It allows the practitioner to go beyond the physical practice of yoga to experience self-realization. 

The biggest lessons I have learned are following the ethical rules, especially Ahimsa, and getting serious about my practice in order to live life as a yogi. I pass Dharma’s teachings along to my students every time I teach a class. 

I am just so grateful for Sri Dharma and the entire Dharma Yoga family. I consider myself blessed to a part of such a beautiful sangha. 

Dharma Yoga Baltimore is strong and growing! Dharma Yoga is well received in the community.

This post was written by Beth MacMullan 
Dharma Yoga LOAY 500 hour certified
| Dharma Yoga Baltimore

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