A young Dharma opened the door

Dharma's simplicity, and authenticity. His being himself. His generosity. He is a yantra for all of these for me. When I think of him, I am reminded of all these important qualities. I am really not interested in any other yoga teachers. I found Dharma in my early 20s and no one else has made much of an impression since. Even yogis in India don't compare.

Dharma Yoga in DC

One of the first obstacles for me was a lack of believing in and trusting in my own goodness. I have been in his physical presence during some of the hardest times of my life thus far - and each time I was falling apart inside, I got this feeling that he was seeing all of me - seeing all of the nonsense that was in my personality, all of the ways I wasn’t compassionate, all of the ways I was failing to be a Yogi – and loving me fully.

Baby Dharma

Since Dharma Mittra assuaged my fear of falling from a headstand during a particularly crowded class, by demonstrating the three possible ways to tumble, headstands have become a regular part of my practice.  Now I’m 9 months pregnant and still inverting regularly, and to top it off, my midwife says the baby will come on [...]